3 Important Nutrients Every Gymnast Needs

If you are dreaming of becoming a well-decorated gymnast like Simone Biles or Tatiana Gutsu, then you should know that maintaining a lean physique with low amounts of body fat is very important. Without it, you cannot perform those stunning cartwheels, tucks, air flips, and balances on beam flawlessly.

Simone BilesTatiana Gutsu

For generations now, many experts have studied how gymnasts can achieve the right figure that could help them perfect those impressive stunts. What they found was not surprising at all – it takes intense training and a nutritious diet.

The meals of a gymnast, especially those who plan on getting into competition, need to be well-planned from breakfast up to dinner, including the snacks in between. This planning is quite tiresome, but our team at USA – Gymnastics Olympics is more than willing to help you out with that.

Check out this list of three important nutrients that a gymnast should have in his or her diet, and start incorporating it into your own.

  1. Protein

    food which are good sources of proteinIn gymnastics, strength is key. Hence, you have to start considering protein as your main fuel. It is the nutrient that keeps your muscles strong and prevents breakdown, as it provides amino acids that aids in repairing the body quickly. Protein will power you through long hours of intensive training, in which you will train your muscles to perform the popular stunts of the sport perfectly.
    Whey Protein PowderThere are a lot of food which are good sources of protein. This includes egg whites, lean meats, seafood, nuts, and beans. Aside from that, it would also be good to supplement your diet with protein powder, as your body’s demand for protein is higher compared to that of other athletes. There are several brands of cheap protein powder widely available for sale in retail stores. You can also buy cheap protein powder online (check out the list made by pumpninc blog). No matter which way you plan on purchasing, make sure you choose one that is of high quality.

  2. Carbohydrates

    carbohydrates foodsEnergy is also important for those engaged in this sport. You should store energy in your body that is enough to last you for hours of intensive training, and not just for a few minutes or hours. You simply cannot work on your stunts if you cannot muster enough energy to perform such tasks.

    The best way to fill your body with energy is by eating food which is rich in complex carbohydrates, like whole-grain cereals, bread, whole-wheat pasta, legumes, brown rice, and starchy vegetables. Compared to a simple sugar rush, complex carbohydrates are slow-digesting, so they can provide energy for a longer period. You don’t want your energy to go down in the middle of a training, right?

  3. Healthy Fat

    olive oil and olivesHealthy fat cushions your joints and organs when you perform the strenuous activities that the sport entails. Without it, you might be more at risk of incurring serious injuries.

    Olive oil is a great source of healthy fat. Aside from that, you can also get them from flaxseed and Chia seed, nuts, fruits, and fatty fish. 

    Just be careful not to go overboard with taking in fats. Keep in mind that your body should only have a very low amount, as too much fat will make your body heavy.


Make it a habit to include food that is rich in these nutrients in your daily meals and snacks. Slowly start by making them a part of your usual meal and work your way towards strictly following the diet plan, removing all other food that does not contribute anything good to your body. Start letting go of unhealthy food, like chips, sodas, alcoholic drinks, oily food, and pastries. They will only add more unnecessary weight to your body.

When you’ve become accustomed to the diet, you can work your way into making the protein powder a meal replacement. This way, you’re assured of getting very high amounts of protein, which is the nutrient your body needs the most.

Don’t pressure yourself to change your entire eating pattern all at once, as that may cause you to develop an eating disorder. Ask for support and guidance from your parents, coaches, and other mentors. They will help keep you on the right path in your journey to proper gymnast diet and nutrition.

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